Company Profile


With a home base in Staten Island, New York, Regal Construction Group Inc. strives to put their customers before themselves. Starting in the year 2015, Regal Construction Group Inc. set out on a mission of Restoring the Past, and Building an even better Future. We turn what you may have only dreamed, into a reality. With a grasp on achieving perfection, we make ourselves available whenever our customers may need us. We don’t believe “hours of operation” should exist when you, the customer, could have an emergency at any moment. Whenever you need us, whatever it may be about, Regal Construction Group Inc. offers a 24-hour a day, 7 days a week service to ensure that you’re never left out to dry.

Regal Construction Group Inc. spans across all five boroughs of the tri-state area that is New York City. Wherever you are in the city, we will come to you. We value customer satisfaction over anything and everything else, which in turn means we make extra sure every project we touch comes out as perfect as it possibly can. The combination of our highly skilled and experienced crew with our constantly updated equipment makes every constructional venture possible.


We work directly with you to be sure that what you want is realized and that we can execute it the way you imagined. Regal Construction Group Inc. is just the means to an end. We are committed to our customers, we are available whenever our customers need us, and we value customer satisfaction over anything else. Allow us to assist in restoring your past, and building a better future.

Our services range greatly from small modifications, roofing, and retaining walls; all the way to full gut renovations, various levels of remodeling, complete bathroom replacements, and full rip downs and build-ups. Whatever it is, we have your back.